This course helped me not only nail the interview but build my confidence to go after that dream job.”

Chase W. 


  • 42 high-quality videos that you can use as a reference throughout your job search.

  • Tools and frameworks for answering three core types of interview questions: introductory questions, behavorial questions, and scenario/case questions.

  • How to answer “curve ball” questions like, “what is your greatest strength/weakness, why are you leaving your current job, what are your salary expectations, where you do you see yourself in five years, what would you do in your first three months of being hired," and more.

  • Time-saving methods for how to most efficiently research the company, formulate your answers, and practice your answers.

  • Specific case studies and demonstrations for each type of questions.

  • How to ask the right questions to the interviewer in a way that strengthens your candidacy.

  • Bonus content: Interview etiquette, handling Illegal questions, how to negotiate a great salary, and how to prepare a great resume using the four Rs: Readability, Relevance, Responsibility and Results.

  • Three downloadable presentations that cover the models and frameworks taught in the course, as well a sample resume that you can use as a template.


“Having spent months interviewing with various companies, I needed an objective and transparent perspective on what was going well and where I could use improvement. Sam gave me specific, actionable feedback, which helped me to focus my efforts on my most significant gaps, while building my confidence. “

– Rajia G.

“Sam's course is exactly what I needed to feel confident about the daunting task of searching for a new job. I feel well prepared to tackle future interviews because I know exactly how to go about preparing for them.”

- Michael E. 

“Sam’s career guidance was instrumental in helping me navigate the interview process and ultimately select the right job and negotiate my salary. His help started before I met him through his LinkedIn videos, but the course provided the in-depth support I needed to put my desire for a career change into action.” 

– Jill A.

 ”Since Sam comes from a background as a corporate leader he was able to give me very relevant feedback and guidance which gave me more confidence and led to my best round of interviews ever.”

– John B. 

"This course helped me not only nail the interview but build my confidence to go after that dream job."

- Chase W. 


Sam is a career coach. He helps people land their dream jobs and thrive in them. My weekly LinkedIn career advice series averages 25,000 viewers weekly.


Sam is an author. He wrote The 8 Career Skills You didn’t Learn in College (get it here) to help people accelerate their careers.


Sam is a chief marketing officer. He has worked for three multi-billion dollar companies in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, and now runs marketing for a natural foods company.


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  Interview Preparation
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  Introductory questions
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  Behavioral-based questions
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  Scenarios or case-based questions
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  Other common questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this course is for me?

The course is designed for anyone zero to 15 years into their careers. If you are just coming out of college, the e-course is likely sufficient for your preparation. If you have been working for a bit and are looking to switch jobs, I highly recommend the plus or premium courses options. It gets more competitive as you progress in your career, and you will dramatically improve your skills through mock interviews and resume reviews with me.


Can I get personal coaching from Sam after taking this course?

Yes, but not through the Teachable platform. Sam charges $200/hour for personalized coaching. To make an appointment, contact Sam directly at [email protected].

What types of jobs is does this course best prepare me for?

The sweet spot for this course is anyone preparing to interview with a big corporation, but it also works well for those interviewing for smaller businesses. It works for just about all functions—sales, marketing, finance, HR, supply chain, operations, customer service, —and across industries. It also works for many job levels, entry level, manager, director and is even helpful for some executive positions. 


Can I get my money back if I’m not happy with the course?

Of course. If the course isn’t helpful to you, you can email me at [email protected] for a full refund.


Does the content on this course expire?

Nope, it is yours for life. And so are the downloadable frameworks and templates. 


At what point in my search is it best to take this course?

If you are starting your search, take the course now. Again, there is no expiration date, but sometimes interviews come faster than you think, and you’ll want to be ready.